Happy Memory No. 2: Banquet Island Hopping Adventure

The banquet team on our first ever island hopping escapade


I’ve never done Island Hopping before, maybe because I was so scared of the waves and sharks. But putting crazy fears aside, I decided to join in a new adventure with them. Maybe it’s time to get out of my comfort zone and enjoy life to the fullest.

Living in the city for twenty three years, I’ve been used to buildings, traffic and small hole cafes. Going to the beach is such a luxury, although Davao City is just along the coastline of Davao Gulf, it is nothing compared to the beautiful paradise in Samal and Talikud.

It is really different when you enjoy the crystal clear blue waters and white sand beaches. The heat of the sun kissing your face and the strong salty crisp winds caressing. Somehow, living like a mermaid for a day wouldn’t be so bad after all.

We enjoyed our 14 destinations and 5-stop tour at: Coral Garden, Babusanta Beach, Angel’s Cove, De La Paz Island and Wishing Island. We went home with fun filled adventures and memorable escapades.

To read more about this exciting day tour, click this link and read my first ever published article at Travelicious. Enjoy!

Happy Memory No. 1: Niccolo’s Children

Our workplace is our second home, the environment wherein we almost stay for a whole day until weekend’s off. However, working as a hotelier is different especially when that building almost felt like your home. Our manager once told us that “We work not only 24/7 but 25/8! We work beyond our allotted hours!”. You probably think it’s cruel, but I tell you it’s a reality, hard work is not earned unless you put yourself wholeheartedly into it.

I chose this field and work and I tell you, it was a crazy roller coaster ride but an enjoyable one. Despite of full house effects and random work schedules to have, indeed working with a great team makes it all worth it.

Here is a  compilation of  my happiest memories with them. Also these are the activities that we usually do when the hotel is not hosting any functions.

Banquet Christmas Party 2015

Every company must organize a Christmas Party and so do we. It doesn’t mean we work 25/7 that we don’t know how to have fun! It is because of them that I managed to be awake for almost two days! Swimming while having booze (it’s not dangerous when you’re responsible) and also have the greatest time of your life by partying at the beach. We’re like college students having spring break!

Games during Banquet Christmas Party

Banquet Team Building 2016

Of course it is also mandatory to have team building too! The most enjoyable activities happens when you’re a group of thirty or above so we’re always divided into five teams. The competition may be tough but the experience is priceless. Who would’ve thought that people get anxious to win at the longest line even if we’re adults?

Banquet team get together at Samal Island after NYE function

Anything Goes

There are times when we find unlucky to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Even a three-hour karaoke might have the possibility to hear our broken hearts. If possible, a trip to the night market will do just fine to tame our hungry bellies with fried dimsum, barbecue and dirty ice cream.

Banquet Meeting


Banquet Riders goes to New Bataan

But when time allows us to have a good time, we took the chance to have road trips outside the city! A team of riders and wanderlust people get together to have the most thrilling adventure of our lives!

Off duty adventure!


Banquet Riders

I never thought working with them will be so much fun. They taught me to get out of my comfort zone and live freely. That sometimes when life gets too tough, you just have to smile and move on. People make mistakes but that doesn’t mean they will never learn. They make me realize that you should enjoy life while you still can. They tell me to never close your door for opportunities and continue to explore and discover just like Niccolo’s son.


Happy Memory – An Introduction

I do believe in destiny, and fate is the reason why people meet in this Earth. At some point in time, I am still thinking about why I was given this kind of opportunity. When the world seems to crash over and you think there’s no way you could get yourself back up. I was living on my own, thinking that being independent is a way to pull myself together. I never regretted that decision, and I could say it is one of the best decisions that I make in my whole entire life.

I remember at that time when I made a promise to myself: to listen to my heart and do what I really want; to pursue it and go against the odds. It happened one sunny afternoon as I got a message from the company that I got a job. I said to myself “Will this be worth it?” ,“Is this how I should start my career?” ,“ Will I stay long in this company?” ,“Will I love my job?” and “Is this what I really wanted?”. All of the answers turns into negative and so I pursue another career in which I had a grand time of my life as a Barista.

However, that promise seems to fade away as I stare into the sea. The day when I wouldn’t make a cup of machiatto anymore. The day when it finally sink into me, that I will become a hotelier. It wasn’t so bad since it would be a great addition for my application abroad. I long to travel, but seeing how things turn out at that time, I doubt myself that I could even get a passport soon.

Life indeed is full of surprises, and after a year of hard work, I was given a wonderful opportunity to work overseas -legally. A great struggle in which people like me worked so hard while living in a third world country. Seeing how the pieces of the puzzle came together, another story comes to unfold. There’s another adventure to look forward too, and along with it, storms raging and high waves to ride.

I’ve never been so scared yet ecstatic in my life. I’m still young, new to the real world and finding out my place where I can fit in. I’m so vulnerable yet I am keen to know and learn things more. Time flies so fast, it seems yesterday when I was a troubled teenager thinking how life sucks.

More than that, I will surely miss the place where I grew up and loved. And so here’s another promise: that I will still continue to live the dream, yet remembering where I came from and the ones that I treasure. That’s how happy memories are documented. As I begin a new chapter of my life I will do my best to record every step along the way, and the people around. If ever I feel lonely, at least I have something to keep me motivated eh?

So, keep yourselves posted! And I hope you enjoy and looking forward for my future posts.





Hello World!

Hello World! I’m the late bloomer and I would love to share with you about my travels!

Not only that, but great food, places, books, fashion -the list can go on and on. This is not the kind of default post where you get once you have a new blog. Actually I don’t think of any decent title other than “I’m back!” or “Welcome to my blog!” or something but I’m confident that my title is perfect.


I am so excited to share with you guys about my travels and I’ve got a lot of places to discover here in my hometown! Davao City is a bustling city as cafes and restaurants are popping everywhere and buildings being built. Also it has a rich history and culture that every Dabawenyo should be proud of!

I also travel to different parts of the Philippines, be it in Cebu to visit my brothers, parts of Mindanao to catch up with my relatives or in Manila where I fiercely roam and find career opportunities. Of course I hope to travel abroad too! I long to visit England, Ireland, Monte Carlo, France, Spain, Argentina, Bhutan, Japan, South Korea and Thailand!

You may also read future posts about food, cafes, book reviews, movies and fashion and make-up catalogs. I’ll flavor up and add some spice to this blog as I progress and I hope you’ll have fun reading here in the future.

So welcome to my blog and again, HELLO WORLD!