Artistic. bookwoorm and a teaholic. These are the words that I would usually describe myself and post in my social media accounts. Art is my first love¬†ever since I make murals using crayons inside the house when I was a toddler. Reading is my dandelion and I also consider myself as a hopeless romantic. I like to read historical romance, classics, adventures, something magical even young adult novels! Tea? I believe in a saying that “Anything can be solved by a cup of tea”¬†and yes it’s true most especially when you drink Chamomile Tea.


The Late Bloomer is a term coined to a person who is undergoing change at a long period of time. I started my first blog during high school and I was thinking about my pseudonym in writing. I already have one for art which is The Magician Spirit (sounds mythical anyways) and I feel like I was branded by the society as an “ugly duckling”. However my bestfriend told me that maybe it will take a pretty long time for a person to grow and somehow the name “Late Bloomer” seems to fit me and my personality.


Welcome to the new chapter of my life! Here I will share to you all of my passions and dreams, also bear witness as I discover the world and its wonders. I hope you could learn and be inspired as I write my story. You will also be immersed about our culture and traditions here in the Philippines most especially my hometown, Davao City. I hope you will appreciate our beautiful territories and raise awareness to preserve it for our future generations.


Hope you will enjoy reading my posts! Please don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail at thelatebloomer88@gmail.com !