Happy Memory No. 3 : My Squad at Paradise Island

Twenty-three. Wow. It’s seems like yesterday when I was a troubled fifteen year-old. I’m pretty sure it was this morning that I was a struggling nineteen year old college student. An hour ago when I was a lost twenty one year old woman. Time flies so fast and it is up to us to make the most out of it.

Life as a teenager wasn’t easy, it’s like the story of a modern Cinderella minus the evil mother in-law and stepsisters. Instead, I was sleeping in a crampy old room with chickens to tend to and college is like a palace and diploma is my prince charming.

Fast forward to 2016, I decided to celebrate my natal day with the success that I have achieved in life. It was supposed to happen last year, however, I got a serious backpain which in the end used my birthday money to pay for the therapy. Now, I have no idea how to celebrate my 23rd birthday, but it all came to the point that I decided to spend it at Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort, Samal Island.

Paradise Island

I’ve never been there, there wasn’t a time nor a reason to be there even if the place is just a boat ride away. The resort is known to have numerous guests enjoying the best hospitality service from the island. Tourists and locals alike are lured to the simple yet accommodating facilities of the establishment. Then on, I planned our itinerary, invitations and menu for my birthday celebration.

Fortunately, majority of my guests arrived which are the best of my friends whom I long to bond with. Because of our hectic schedules, we decided to celebrate it sunday after my birthday since everyone of us are not engaged in work. I prepared grilled meat and fish the night before, also brought necessary items for our lunch. Little did I know that my friends surprised me a birthday cake!

After lunch, we enjoyed playing simple games and had a short tour around the resort. When high tide came, we enjoyed swimming and having a little girl talk!

the dare game!

pictorial and tour around the beach.



Group picture!

Even little successes in life are best celebrated with friends. I am forever grateful to have them in my journey. As we get enough sunshine in our hearts, we slowly go back to the city we called home.

Check out Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort  by visiting their website.


Happy Memory No. 2: Banquet Island Hopping Adventure

The banquet team on our first ever island hopping escapade


I’ve never done Island Hopping before, maybe because I was so scared of the waves and sharks. But putting crazy fears aside, I decided to join in a new adventure with them. Maybe it’s time to get out of my comfort zone and enjoy life to the fullest.

Living in the city for twenty three years, I’ve been used to buildings, traffic and small hole cafes. Going to the beach is such a luxury, although Davao City is just along the coastline of Davao Gulf, it is nothing compared to the beautiful paradise in Samal and Talikud.

It is really different when you enjoy the crystal clear blue waters and white sand beaches. The heat of the sun kissing your face and the strong salty crisp winds caressing. Somehow, living like a mermaid for a day wouldn’t be so bad after all.

We enjoyed our 14 destinations and 5-stop tour at: Coral Garden, Babusanta Beach, Angel’s Cove, De La Paz Island and Wishing Island. We went home with fun filled adventures and memorable escapades.

To read more about this exciting day tour, click this link and read my first ever published article at Travelicious. Enjoy!

Hello World!

Hello World! I’m the late bloomer and I would love to share with you about my travels!

Not only that, but great food, places, books, fashion -the list can go on and on. This is not the kind of default post where you get once you have a new blog. Actually I don’t think of any decent title other than “I’m back!” or “Welcome to my blog!” or something but I’m confident that my title is perfect.


I am so excited to share with you guys about my travels and I’ve got a lot of places to discover here in my hometown! Davao City is a bustling city as cafes and restaurants are popping everywhere and buildings being built. Also it has a rich history and culture that every Dabawenyo should be proud of!

I also travel to different parts of the Philippines, be it in Cebu to visit my brothers, parts of Mindanao to catch up with my relatives or in Manila where I fiercely roam and find career opportunities. Of course I hope to travel abroad too! I long to visit England, Ireland, Monte Carlo, France, Spain, Argentina, Bhutan, Japan, South Korea and Thailand!

You may also read future posts about food, cafes, book reviews, movies and fashion and make-up catalogs. I’ll flavor up and add some spice to this blog as I progress and I hope you’ll have fun reading here in the future.

So welcome to my blog and again, HELLO WORLD!